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Peanut Butter Banana Toast

The most delicious recipes are often the simplest ones to prepare. All you need for this delicious start to your day is a loaf of fresh-baked artisan bread, fresh-ground peanut butter, banana and raw pumpkin seeds. Most natural food grocers, food co-ops and chain grocery stores now offer peanut and almond grinding machines that you can use to make fresh peanut and almond butters rather than buying the packaged versions. If you’ve never had fresh-ground

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Runner Mom Feature: Ultra-Marathoner Angela Herrboldt

To say that Ultra-Marathoner Angela Herrboldt is driven is an understatement. A mother of four, Herrboldt juggles the demands of mom life with her successful career and an intense ultra-marathon training schedule. To top it off, she does it all with an infectiously positive attitude.  That positive, driven attitude carried Herrboldt through her first 105-mile race this summer, the Black Hills 100. While the official 105-mile race took participants twice over the Centennial Trail in

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Honey Glazed Chicken Thighs

If you haven’t given chicken thighs a try in a while, now is the time. Chicken thighs are rich in taste and offer a tender, juicy texture.  These honey glazed chicken thighs are easy to prepare and are great options for a weeknight meal or post-run weekend lunch. They pair great with a simple green salad or with baked sweet potatoes. 

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Running Tips: Achieve Your Goals with Running Mantras

The internet is filled with running training programs. Couch to 5k? No problem! There are, at minimum, thousands of plans for that. Want to run your first half marathon at age 45? You bet there’s a plan for that. Type your unique running goal followed by the words ‘training program’ into any search engine and you’ll have enough options to browse for hours.  These countless options mean that achieving your running goals should be easy,

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Power Shake

Need a new shake recipe to amp up your energy after a run or on cross training days? With just a few ingredients, this power shake recipe is super easy to make and is both refreshing and delicious. If desired, add a banana or other fruit to the mix.  We love using Califia Farms Toasted Coconut Almond Milk in this recipe, but you can also combine separate coconut and almond milks if preferred. We use

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Baked Blueberry Oatmeal Cups Recipe

Oatmeal is the best friend of many runners. With fiber, protein, carbs and a low glycemic index, it has all the things runners need. If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy this power food, whip up a batch of these baked blueberry oatmeal cups. They’re super easy to make and freeze well. Delicately sweet and packed with energizing goodness, they may not last long if your kids get ahold of them. As such,

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Almond Raspberry Chocolate Muffins Recipe

Need a grab and go snack or easy breakfast? Whip up a batch of these almond raspberry chocolate muffins. These kid-approved muffins freeze well and are the perfect fuel for any day. Not a raspberry fan? Swap out the raspberries for chopped strawberries or fresh blueberries. Makes 12 muffins

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Runner Mom Feature: Coach and Runner Stephanie Harboe

Exploring the Importance of Self Care and Community  As an athlete and coach, Stephanie Harboe often sees parallels between endurance training and the process of achieving other life goals. Growing a career doesn’t happen overnight. Nor does building a relationship. The same goes with preparing your body for the demands of intense physical activity. Push anything too far, too fast, and you’re prone to fall flat. “In endurance training, we’re chipping away at something every

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Protein Pancakes with Peaches and Honey Recipe

These pancakes are super easy to make and keep well overnight, which makes them a great grab and go breakfast for early morning runs. Peaches and honey as toppings add delicious, sweet flavor. I added alternate topping ideas at the end of the recipe if you like to mix things up each time you make them. The texture of these pancakes is denser and more spongy than traditional pancakes but my kids don’t notice the

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