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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

Do You Need a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist? Recognizing Postpartum Health Issues

Wondering if the postpartum changes in your body are normal? You aren’t alone. Many mom runners experience significant pelvic floor issues after having kids but, unfortunately, most aren’t aware that those issues can be resolved with the help of a pelvic floor physical therapist or other healthcare professional. Sure, jokes are often made within mom circles about leaking urine and the like, but open and honest conversations regarding postpartum pelvic floor issues still aren’t normalized.

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Running Meditation

Running Meditation: Finding Stillness and Clarity in Motion

One thing most moms crave above all else is stillness. From organizing household meal plans to juggling work demands and listening to continual streams of questions and complaints from your kiddos, you’re likely very hard pressed to find even a moment of calm in your days. After the kids are finally in bed each night, your bedtime is probably close behind if you don’t fall asleep on the couch first. And, while the thought of

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Running Plans

Make Time for Running Plans by Designing Your Days

Tired of trying to fit your running plans into whatever slivers of free time you can find each week? The demands of motherhood are challenging enough, in and of themselves, to juggle. Add a running schedule into the mix and things can quickly feel unmanageable.  If you’re always spinning in circles trying to keep up with life, with little or no time left for your running goals, this article is for you. We’ve outlined several

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Run with kids to teach them the importance of discipline.

How to Run with Kids (& preserve mom-only running time)

Do your kids beg you to let them tag along on your runs? If so, pause and give yourself a big pat on the back. Their begging means they look up to you as a strong role model. It also means they notice your healthy lifestyle and want to copy it.  Although having your kids ask to run with you is a major compliment, it can still ignite a bit of stress. After all, running

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Mom Runners: How to Stay Disciplined Toward Achieving Your Goals

Few things rival the high that comes with setting a new goal. For mom runners, aspiring to a new race length or personal record brings some much-needed excitement to the otherwise monotonous routines of early parenthood. If you’re like most runners, a new goal is often followed by creating a new schedule, buying some fresh running gear and knocking your progress out of the park for a few days or weeks.  Then, reality sets in. 

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Running Tips for New Moms

The first weeks, months and even years after having a baby are game changers. As many soon-to-be moms prepare for parenthood, they anticipate all of the extra free time they’ll have while on maternity leave. Of course, every new mom who has crossed that threshold understands the slap of reality that comes with caring for an infant. All of that ‘free’ time is filled with feeding the baby, cleaning the baby, getting the baby to

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Runner Mom Feature: Ultra-Marathoner Angela Herrboldt

To say that Ultra-Marathoner Angela Herrboldt is driven is an understatement. A mother of four, Herrboldt juggles the demands of mom life with her successful career and an intense ultra-marathon training schedule. To top it off, she does it all with an infectiously positive attitude.  That positive, driven attitude carried Herrboldt through her first 105-mile race this summer, the Black Hills 100. While the official 105-mile race took participants twice over the Centennial Trail in

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Running Tips: Achieve Your Goals with Running Mantras

The internet is filled with running training programs. Couch to 5k? No problem! There are, at minimum, thousands of plans for that. Want to run your first half marathon at age 45? You bet there’s a plan for that. Type your unique running goal followed by the words ‘training program’ into any search engine and you’ll have enough options to browse for hours.  These countless options mean that achieving your running goals should be easy,

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Runner Mom Feature: Coach and Runner Stephanie Harboe

Exploring the Importance of Self Care and Community  As an athlete and coach, Stephanie Harboe often sees parallels between endurance training and the process of achieving other life goals. Growing a career doesn’t happen overnight. Nor does building a relationship. The same goes with preparing your body for the demands of intense physical activity. Push anything too far, too fast, and you’re prone to fall flat. “In endurance training, we’re chipping away at something every

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What your Running Habits are Teaching your Children

The other day, another mother told me that, in an overwhelmed moment at home with her kids, she grabbed a box of Lucky Charms cereal from her pantry, locked herself in the laundry room, sat on a pile of dirty clothes and hid from her kids for a few minutes while eating handfuls of cereal. She also confessed that she doesn’t even like Lucky Charms. Replace the cereal with a candy bar I stole from

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