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Ludgina TreadChic

Runners Moms Podcast | Episode 18

Reframing Your Mindset Around the Dreadmill The dreadmill. The hamster wheel. The treadmill. It’s the tool that most runners love to hate. But, for mom runners, it’s often the only outlet that we have available to run. Whether due to ice and snow in the winter or being home alone with small kiddos who won’t sit well in a running stroller, you may need to run on a treadmill to keep up with your running

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Kayla Fitzgerald Intuitive Eating

Runner Moms Podcast | Episode 17

Escaping the Traps of Diet Culture Through Intuitive Eating If you’re currently struggling with body image issues, disordered eating or are feeling the weight of diet culture’s unrealistic standards, pause and consider how long you’re willing to continue that cycle. Look back on all of the years that you’ve struggled with it all. And how many more years lay ahead of you.  Then, opt out. Obviously it’s not easy and it could take years and

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Jennifer DiCiesare Runner Moms

Runner Moms Podcast | Episode 16

How much can one person endure and overcome? How much can one person endure and overcome? You’re about to find out.  Jennifer DiCiesare, this episode’s guest, is an ultra distance runner who has overcome immense obstacles and trials in her life. She joins the show to share her story of living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, the near death experiences that she has experienced, and how returning to running has helped her to rise again and again.

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Dominique King Runner Mom

Runner Moms Podcast | Episode 15

On Running with Your Spouse and Connecting with the Run Dominique King from Lean in With the Kings joins episode 15 to share her running story. She offers a ton of useful advice including tips for running with your partner, advice for connecting with the run, insight on the benefits of moving meditation and so much more.  Here are the highlights: Dominique and her husband Ken now regularly run together. Their couple runs began after

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Theresa Inkley Runner Mom

Runner Moms Podcast | Episode 14

Miscarriage, Community and the Healing Power of Running This episode of the Runner Moms podcast features mom runner Theresa Inkley. She experienced a miscarriage a few years ago while training for a marathon and is here today to share her story of working through the grief of that loss. She discusses how running helped her through that difficult time and also talks through the importance of having a community of support around you. We also

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Rebel Runner Mom

Runner Moms Podcast | Episode 13

Exploring Trauma, Healing and the Importance of Trusting Your Intuition In this episode of the Runner Moms podcast, we explore trauma, healing and the importance of learning to trust our intuition. **Disclaimer: We dive into some heavy topics, so just a forewarning in case you typically listen to the show around your kiddos.** This episode’s guest is Rebel, who discusses her journey of overcoming the trauma of rape. She shares her story of being raped

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Amy Harman Runner Moms

Runner Moms Podcast | Episode 12

Tips for Healing Negative Body Image and Improving Your Relationships with Food and Fitness Can you remember a time when you didn’t feel like you needed to lose a few pounds? If you can answer yes to that question, you’re one of the few lucky ones, because most women can’t.  This episode explores several topics that come up regularly in the Runner Moms community: Body image, eating disorders and unhealthy relationships with food and fitness.

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Zuisei Goddard Meditation in Motion

Runner Moms Podcast | Episode 11

Still Running and the Benefits of Meditation in Motion How much time is available in your weekly schedule to just be still? If you’re like most moms, the answer to that question is… not much, if any. Zuisei Goddard, author of Still Running, joins the show to introduce the concept of meditation in motion and help you, as a runner mom, find a better way.  If you currently feel like you lack mental clarity or

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Stephanie Harboe Runner Mom

Runner Moms Podcast | Episode 10

Normalizing Conversations Regarding Postpartum Health Challenges Stephanie Harboe was the first runner mom to be featured over on our website after we launched in 2019 and she’s back on this episode of the podcast to talk postpartum health. Stephanie is on a mission to normalize conversations regarding postpartum health challenges.  In this episode, we’ll dive into the importance of recognizing that postpartum health isn’t just about the months after giving birth. Stephanie will discuss her postpartum

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Anita Schorlemmer Runner Mom

Runner Moms Podcast | Episode 009

A Guide to Stroller Running, Building Community and Travel Running Anita Schorlemmer is a German born national and, after living in Hawaii for nearly 20 years, she’s currently living back in Germany where her husband is stationed with the U.S. military. She’s the mom of two young kiddos and has some amazing races and travel runs under her belt. Anita began running as a youth when she was required to participate in a sport. In

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