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Amy Harman Runner Moms

Runner Moms Podcast | Episode 12

Tips for Healing Negative Body Image and Improving Your Relationships with Food and Fitness Can you remember a time when you didn’t feel like you needed to lose a few pounds? If you can answer yes to that question, you’re one of the few lucky ones, because most women can’t.  This episode explores several topics that come up regularly in the Runner Moms community: Body image, eating disorders and unhealthy relationships with food and fitness.

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Zuisei Goddard Meditation in Motion

Runner Moms Podcast | Episode 11

Still Running and the Benefits of Meditation in Motion How much time is available in your weekly schedule to just be still? If you’re like most moms, the answer to that question is… not much, if any. Zuisei Goddard, author of Still Running, joins the show to introduce the concept of meditation in motion and help you, as a runner mom, find a better way.  If you currently feel like you lack mental clarity or

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Stephanie Harboe Runner Mom

Runner Moms Podcast | Episode 10

Normalizing Conversations Regarding Postpartum Health Challenges Stephanie Harboe was the first runner mom to be featured over on our website after we launched in 2019 and she’s back on this episode of the podcast to talk postpartum health. Stephanie is on a mission to normalize conversations regarding postpartum health challenges.  In this episode, we’ll dive into the importance of recognizing that postpartum health isn’t just about the months after giving birth. Stephanie will discuss her postpartum

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Anita Schorlemmer Runner Mom

Runner Moms Podcast | Episode 009

A Guide to Stroller Running, Building Community and Travel Running Anita Schorlemmer is a German born national and, after living in Hawaii for nearly 20 years, she’s currently living back in Germany where her husband is stationed with the U.S. military. She’s the mom of two young kiddos and has some amazing races and travel runs under her belt. Anita began running as a youth when she was required to participate in a sport. In

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Anais Taboas

Runner Moms Podcast | Episode 008

Rebuilding Your Life on the Other Side of a Toxic Relationship Anais Taboas is a nonprofit lawyer as well as a health coach and has overcome immense personal struggles over the past 10 years. Like many guests on the show, Anais struggled with an eating disorder as well as an unhealthy obsession with fitness, both of which took over her life during a former toxic relationship.  Luckily, her family was able to help Anais escape

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Susanne Moore Neuraboot

Runner Moms Podcast | Episode 007

Susanne Moore | Understanding and Managing Your Emotional Triggers Susanne Moore is an ultra-runner with several impressive races under her belt, including a 157-mile race in the Amazon jungle. She shares her journey from not knowing how she could ever build up to running a marathon to eventually stepping into the world of ultra-running.  Even more, Susanne recently, along with her daughter, released an app called Neuraboot. The app is designed to help people understand

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Runner Moms Podcast | Episode 006

Stephanie Johnson | Learning to Love Yourself on the Journey Toward Wellness Stephanie Johnson joins Shayla on the show to discuss her self-transformation journey toward wellness. Stephanie is a new empty nester after raising her daughter as a single parent from the age of 17. She has been on a journey toward increased wellness for several years and gives us a raw and real look into that journey. It’s a story of overcoming body image

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Runner Mom Sarah Thorseth

Runner Moms Podcast | Episode 005

Sarah Thorseth | An Open Conversation about Early Motherhood Sarah Thorseth, runner, coach and mom of a busy 19-month-old, stops by the Runner Moms podcast to have an open conversation with Shayla on the struggles she experienced after becoming a mom. Her husband deployed when their daughter was just four weeks old and, in his absence, Sarah struggled to find her footing as a mom. She struggled with severe postpartum depression that caused anxiety, insomnia

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Andrea Dell Runner Moms

Runner Moms Podcast | Episode 004

Andrea Dell on becoming your own health advocate and achieving big dreams. Runner and Coach Andrea Dell has battled health struggles for the majority of her life. From severe asthma that started at a young age to widespread endometriosis, her health struggles left the cards stacked against Andrea leading an active life, let alone becoming a marathon runner. In fact, she was told repeatedly starting at a young age that running a mere mile would

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Alison Marie Helms

Runner Moms Podcast | Episode 003

Acknowledging and healing postpartum challenges: A conversation with Coach Alison Marie Helms. Running Coach Alison Marie Helms joins Runner Moms Founder Shayla Ebsen on the show to discuss the importance of acknowledging and healing postpartum challenges. Alison discusses the postpartum challenges that she accepted as normal for years until she finally reached a breaking point and took action to heal her body. Alison and Shayla also discuss body image issues and other challenges that runner

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