Rise and Run Whole Bean Coffee

Our Rise and Run whole bean coffee from the Runner Moms Coffee Collection is a light and warming roast to fuel your day.

Tasting notes: mellow, nutty, chocolate

Whole Bean Coffee | NET WT 12oz | 340G

A portion of all Runner Moms Coffee Collection proceeds will be donated to provide shoes for youth in need. Our coffees are small batch roasted in collaboration with a local roasterie.

Sourcing Details and Coffee Producer Story:

Guatemala/Brazil Blend
Region: Atitlan, Guatemala and Cerrado, Brazil
Farms: Pasajquim and Rio Brilhante
Variety: Red Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra
Altitude: 1,500 and 1,050 meters above sea level
Processing: Washed and semi-washed

Rio Brilhante

The high level of quality found at Rio Brilhante can be attributed to the standard of cultivation. A wide selection of varieties common to Brazil can be found at Rio Brilhante. These include bourbon, topazio, and catucai, among others. As part of their core drive to always innovate, new varieties such as Arara and Paraiso are also being introduced. These varieties have been chosen not only for their great cup attributes but also for their pathogen resistant characteristics that help deter diseases such as leaf rust. This, in turn, increases the productivity of the tree and also reduces the quantity of fungicide application needed.

Rio Brilhante takes part in a number of social projects, with their main project being Seeds of Change. Seeds of Change is a program focused on helping Rio Brilhante staff learn skills such as reading, writing and calculating in everyday life. The driving force behind the program is that staff are constantly facing new challenges, both at work and home, in our modern world. Seeds of Change helps give staff the tools they need to thrive under such circumstances. Staff members who take part in the program receive a professional qualification to help further their career. Rio Brilhante also offers this project to the relatives of staff members, highlighting the importance of the family as one of their core values. As well as Seeds of Change, Rio Brilhante also funds other education initiatives including Escolinha Tia Edna, a disability school for 85 pupils aged 2-6, and Ponto do Livro, a project aimed at opening local open-air libraries.


Don Juan Perez Taylor and Doña Maria Perez own multiple coffee growing parcels in the town of Pasajquim. Pasajquim is located on an almost impassable dirt road on the side of the San Pedro Volcano facing away from Lake Atitlán. The Perez family buy, collect and process the coffee of their many smallholder coffee farming neighbors. The Perez family have a tiny washing and processing station in their house where they process the coffees of Pasajquim. Doña Maria can tell just by touching the fermenting coffee when it is ready to be washed and dried. Among the many parcels located throughout Pasajquim, the main varietals grown are Caturra, Catuaí and Bourbon. In the past two years, a few new varietals have been introduced to the farms through renovations but are not yet producing. Most of their farming approach is empirical rather than scientific. The farms almost resemble a wild forest sporadically growing coffee, corn, as well as multiple types of shade trees. The current farmers of Pasajquim did not plant the original coffee plants found on these farms. Don Juan Perez says the farmers of this region found these coffee plants and began harvesting them. Their existance is most likely due to the large abandonment of land during the Guatemalan civil war.

Runner Moms Coffee Collection:

Runner Moms is about more than running. We help women embrace their inner strength, take time for themselves and lead healthier lives. The Runner Moms Coffee Collection is a celebration of our community and of your strength as a mom runner.

Settle in and savor a cup or two. Then rise, lace up those running shoes and embrace your inner strength. Because, momma, you run this world.

A portion of all Runner Moms Coffee Collection proceeds will be donated to provide shoes for youth in need. Our coffees are small batch roasted in collaboration with a local roasterie.



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