Resources for every running momma.

Hey, Momma!

Looking for inspiration, new gear or a great reading list?

Explore this collection of our favorite Runner Mom resources to help you achieve your running goals, fuel your body with energizing recipes, run safely and more.

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Tired of wearing a fanny pack? Reduce the clutter and invest in FlipBelt running shorts to store essentials right in the waistband.

Seriously, these shorts are amazing!

Running Safely

You have to be safe out there, momma.

It isn’t the most fun topic to think about, but safety must be a priority in every run. The following resources are designed to keep you safe while running.

Let’s face it, music and podcasts are basically your best friends on long runs. However, noise-cancelling headphones tune you out from your surroundings. These open ear wireless headphones use bone conduction technology and an open fit design to deliver music through your cheekbones. Keep your tunes AND your situational awareness.

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We LOVE FlipBelts for safely and securely storing everything needed on long runs. These storage belts slip around your waist and include expandable storage areas for phones, keys, cards and so much more. Gone are the days of bulky fanny packs.

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Here’s to hoping you never need to use it, but pepper spray can bring peace of mind during isolated runs. This pepper spray includes a wrist strap or can easily be tucked into a flipbelt or zipped pocked.

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Do you run early in the morning or late evenings? When natural light is low, a running light is a must. Running lights ensure others can see you and that you can see any obstacles up ahead.

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Whether running on bike trails or on the side of roadways, you must take a defensive stance when running. Reflective armbands are easy to slip on and will ensure others see you.

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Looking for easy and delicious recipes to fuel your running goals? This is our absolute favorite cookbook:

Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow.

Books on Running

The following books are among our favorites that go beyond running mechanics to a deeper exploration of running mindset and self-care.

If you’ve browsed much of our website, you’ve probably noticed that our main focus isn’t on the mechanics of running. Instead, we focus on the emotional side of running such as the importance of self-care, why mindset matters and tips for owning your inner strength. Sure, running properly is important to avoid injury and a solid running plan can help you achieve your goals. But, without the right mindset and without making self-care a priority, your relationship with running will likely be short and fraught with frustration.

This memoir explores the importance of mindset and positive self talk in achieving running goals.

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A kick in the pants book on how to get up, lace up, and sweat with swagger.

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A runner’s guide to boosting confidence and becoming the best version of you.

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While this book isn’t specifically about running, it is an essential read and an indispensable handbook for driving change in your life. If you’re having trouble solving a problem or reaching a dream, this book is for you.

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None of Janet’s dreams were happening because they seemed impossible to fit into her nine-to-five life. Until one day she discovered that they weren’t going to happen unless she made time to fit them in. Thus began her journey to becoming an ultra marathon runner.

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