Runners Moms Podcast | Episode 18

Reframing Your Mindset Around the Dreadmill

The dreadmill. The hamster wheel. The treadmill. It’s the tool that most runners love to hate. But, for mom runners, it’s often the only outlet that we have available to run. Whether due to ice and snow in the winter or being home alone with small kiddos who won’t sit well in a running stroller, you may need to run on a treadmill to keep up with your running goals. But, let’s face it, treadmill miles aren’t always the same as outdoor miles.  

Ludgina from TreadChic joins this episode of the Runner Moms podcast to help us reframe our mindset around the treadmill from one of drudgery to one of opportunity. If you haven’t yet followed along on one of Ludgina’s treadmill running workouts on YouTube, head over and check out her TreadChic channel. Her energy and excitement for treadmill running is infectious and she has a ton of awesome videos for all levels of runners. She’s here today to share some great, actionable tips for mom runners to get the most out of every treadmill run.

Connect with Ludgina:

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